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Booking Rules


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Key Dates:

  • November 1: Annual Subscription Issued 
  • November 1 – December 30: Member Priority Booking Period & Phase 1 Member Allocation
  • From January 1: Phase 2 Member Allocation
  • From February 1: Phase 3 Direct Family & Guest Allocation

The members priority booking period for the following winter begins as soon as the member has paid their annual subscription. Subscription invoices are sent to members on November 1 annually. Members who have paid their subscription for the year are referred to in these rules as “financial members”.

Non-financial members cannot make valid bookings and forfeit the benefit of the member priority booking period until payment is made.

The members priority booking period ends on December 30.


Booking Allocation Phases:

Due to recent and ongoing high demand for beds, bookings are now allocated in four phases for fairness and in the interest of members priority:

Phase 1 (Nov 1 – Dec 30): Members Only Bookings

Each booking made in the member priority period will be capped at 7-days (this can be made up of one booking of 7 consecutive days, or a combination of multiple bookings up to 7 days in total, but no more than two weekend bookings). If you have made a booking that is over 7-days, or multiple bookings, only a maximum of 7-days and no more than two weekend bookings will be allocated in phase 1. Any additional days or bookings will then be reviewed for allocation in phase 2. If making multiple bookings, please nominate your first preference and so on in the ‘notes’ section when booking. The booking officer will take this into account, however, we cannot guarantee you will get your first preference.

Phase 2 (Jan): Additional Member Only Bookings

Any availablebeds remaining after phase 1 is complete will be offered to those member bookings that were cut short or not able to be allocated in phase 1.

Phase 3 (Feb): Direct Family & Guests

Once member bookings have been finalised, beds will then be offered to members’ direct family, followed by guests.

Phase 4 (Mar onwards): Open Bookings

Any remaining vacant beds at the completion of phase 3 are available for members to book at any time and will be allocated and confirmed as and when they are booked and paid for.


Member Priority Explained:

The members’ priority booking system is implemented as follows:

  1. Bookings made by financial members before the end of the members priority booking period take precedence over all other bookings.
  2. Weekly bookings (for 7 nights from Sunday 3pm to Sunday 10am) have priority over shorter bookings made by and for other members.
  3. A longer booking will have priority over a shorter booking for bookings of between 6 consecutive nights and 1 night. For example, a booking for 5 consecutive nights will have priority over a booking for 2 consecutive nights.
  4. If the case arises whereby financial members request beds for the same period, and there are not enough beds to accommodate all requests, bookings are then processed on a first booked first served basis; as evidenced by the online booking system log.
  5. Members can expect to be advised of the outcome of their priority booking applications as soon as practicable between November and January. This will be done by sending an invoice to the member by email. Payment must be made within 7 days of the receipt of the invoice.
  6. Bookings which are not paid for by the due date will lapse and be of no effect.